2017, new year, whats good?

17 January 2017
     Im wishing this 16 days late I know but uhh nothing is ever too late to be done fyi thankyou. So Happy New Year guys! 2016 has been one hell of a year for me, theres so much ups and downs no doubt. But, I barely change at all throughout 2016. Still the same me people knew when 2016 started, atleast thats what i would like to think.

     Ive just finished my Semester 1 for my 4 years degree programme. So currently Im home for semester break for a month. One thing I can tell, semester one has been brutal. Awal sem, nothing much. Easy syllabus, we felt no pressure at all. Kitorang pun slacking off la. Tengah sem, everything started to shackle, assignment, mini project. Sumpah it feels like a burden after another is thrown on us.

     This is one of our mini project. we got two. Looks easy kan but trust me its not. The assembling part is easy but to build the code and to implement it on the IC Chip is confusing. Kadang ada error and kadang circuit tak produce the expected output, nak baiki pun tak tahu dekat mana salah. Other mini project is a coding project where we are required to build a system using C++ language. Its challenging I can say but its bearable.

     Now the Finals are over and we got some time for ourself to relax and let our brain cooldown (acah acah je pakai max capasity lol). then lepas 4 ari duduk rumah, this happens:

     Result final dah keluar, and Im like super super confuse cause Im only home for about 4 days, how come the lecturer already done marking all the papers? Seriously? Spoil mood cuti.

     So, I already take a look on my grades and all I can say is that Im not shock nor sad nor happy neither. Its as expected because at the end of the final week, Ive already halfway given up lol. Dah siap pasang konsep redho dan tawakal dah. Tapi it turns out not to be bad as i thoug it would. Pretty sure i messed up atleast 4 papers, but okay.

     1A+ 2A 1A- 2B+

     But still, I wish if that one particular paper tu I studied with my friends, that B+ might have gotten an A. But I didnt, I was too woried because its a theory subject, and my friends is studying using an ebook which I checked is like super tebal no way Im gonna do the same because I know absolutely nothing at all, and the time is limited so I stick with lecture notes. Eventually, I was wrong because soalan majority is taken from the textbook/ebook. So, B+ is all I get.

     So, for now. Mereput dekat rumah. Tak sabar nak start Semester 2 hahahhahah!
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